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Mobile Health and Testing Services, LLC provides the best, most reliable mobile drug testing service available. We offer:

On-demand testing

we’re ready when you need us

Mobile testing

we come to your location

Competitive pricing

per-test pricing or daily rates available

Flexible scheduling

to accommodate around-the-clock shifts and urgent needs

Professional staff

certified staff, trained to meet industry standards


Keep your workplace safe with pre-employment drug testing.

Post Accident

Post-accident testing keeps you in compliance with DOT and OSHA.

Random Testing

Increase the safety of your workplace with a random drug testing program.


Mobile Health and Testing Services, LLC is a minority woman-owned business that began providing on-demand testing services in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 2015. Our mission is to provide dependable and reliable on-demand occupational health services to employers in the DC metro area, as well as DNA testing and mobile life insurance exams for consumers.

The goal of our services is to reduce lost wages, shorten the turnaround time for results, and aid in employees returning to work faster.

We Are a Certified Minority Woman-Owned Small Business

Mobile Health and Testing Services, LLC is a minority woman-owned small business, certified by SWaM, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and the U.S. Small Business Administration (WOSB certification). We welcome the opportunity to partner with agencies and organizations to achieve their occupational health goals.

Drug Testing Supplies

Drug Testing Supplies As an employer, you want to ensure that your employees are drug and alcohol free in the workplace. 

Finger Printing Services

Finger Printing Services are available.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Benefits You’ve found a great employee candidate who will add value to your growing organization.

Post-Accident Drug Testing No one wants to think about a workplace accident, but they happen every day.

Random drug testing Many employers use random drug testing to ensure a safe & productive workplace for employees, customers, & the community.


When accurate results matter, you need reliable, professional service. Mobile Health and Testing Services is here to help.

Combat and Prevent Workplace
Substance Abuse

In the United States, substance abuse is a serious workplace issue: 11.5% of part-time and 8% of full-time American employees admit to substance abuse. In addition, 40% of all workplace fatalities were found to have involved on-the-job substance abuse. These figures reveal the scope of the problem when it comes to creating a safe working environment. Drug testing has shown to be the most effective tool companies can use to combat and prevent workplace substance abuse. We at Conspire! understand the vital importance of such services, and we offer everything needed for drug testing and screening.

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Mobile Health and Testing Services makes drug and alcohol testing convenient, reliable, and cost-effective. 

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